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Long and beautiful hair. Cutest poodle haircut ideas.

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Shih Tzu Haircut Styles

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Shih tzu haircut ideas. Fantastic shih tzu haircuts for stylish dogs 1. However dont think that this is all natural. Do not compare their hair with fur. Top 6 beautiful shih tzu haircuts. Shih tzus are also prone to ear infections so you need to check them carefully. Use a pair of clippers to trim the hair on its head sides of its face and ears.

Theres no denying that the shih tzu breed is gorgeous and part of this breeds appeal is its long glorious hair. The top knot is formed by gathering some of your pets hair together at the ball or apex of the head and then gently securing it with a clip ribbon or tie. Furs can grow up to a certain length like 2 25 inches maximum. If you are after a dog show look you have to grow your shih tzu hair. Shih tzu hair styles overview one of the great things about having a breed that is capable of growing a long coat is that the hair style options are only limited to your imagination. Think about special dog jackets that cover up the short hair on the dogs torso and flaunt the long locks on paws and tail.

Shredded hair can stick to their body. Thanks to the long fur shih tzu haircuts can. May 2 2019 cute dog hair styles for the cut down shih tzu. The easiest hair cut to give your shih tzu and the most thorough is to shave off the hair on its legs and torso. Part of owning a shih tzu is the time and money spent to keep its hair looking beautiful. See more ideas about shih tzu dog grooming and shih tzus.

Unlike other breeds they do not shed hair everywhere on the floor. This semi lion hairstyle is a great choice for shih tzus. The top knot is one of the most recognizable shih tzu haircuts. This style keeps the hair as long as possible with the topknot on the head. This can create knots and matting. Hold its tail and shave off the hair from the sides.

See more ideas about shih tzu hair styles beautiful dogs and bow ties for dogs. This style is not practical for day to day wear because it requires an abundance of daily maintenance. Sep 29 2019 fun and unique hairstyles for shih tzus. If you want to emphasize a hairstyle you might want to consider to dress your shih tzu up. Some owners may even choose to creatively braid the hair back. The style that requires the most grooming is the topknot show cut which is the traditional shih tzu hairstyle for show dogs.

Because this dog has so much hair you can experiment with a variety of versatile cuts and styles.

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